A family of physicians in beautiful Eastern Oregon

Eastern Oregon Independent Practitioner Association (EOIPA) helps our community’s healthcare providers with the business side of a modern practice so they’re free to concentrate on practicing medicine.

Established in 1993, EOIPA can help you and your independent medical practice thrive.  Our network consists of physicians and associate providers including nurse practitioners, and physician assistants.  EOIPA members demonstrate their commitment to high-quality healthcare participating in a wide range of state, regional, and IPA-led clinical quality reporting and incentive programs.

EOIPA members are either Participating Physicians (MD, DO) doctors of podiatric medicine, oral and maxillofacial surgeons, dentists (D.D.S. or D.M.D.), nurse practitioners, certified registered nurse anesthetists, chiropractors (Doctors of Chiropractic) and doctors of optometry.


Our Mission Statement

The Eastern Oregon Independent Practitioner Association strives to strengthen and support its membership, preserve provider independence, and advance quality medical care for our communities.

Helping independent practices thrive

An “independent” physician/clinician is in private practice, and is not an employee of a hospital, a clinic, or an HMO.  Local physicians/clinicians join the EOIPA to gain the advantage of group purchasing, recruitment, shared information systems, electronic medical records, and more.  The EOIPA also negotiates commercial, state, and federal contracts with insurance companies on behalf of its physicians.

One of the principal competitive advantages of joining our IPA is that we credential our own providers and negotiate contracts with insurance companies.  This dramatically simplifies the process of negotiating of separate contracts for our EOIPA physicians.

EOIPA is committed to providing quality patient care combined with cost-effective healthcare management.  We seek to build relationships with hospitals, health plans and community agencies to support our mission and to enhance quality healthcare.  The EOIPA provides highly professional management that ensures administrative efficiency and effectiveness, while helping our physicians improve their clinical, operational and financial outcomes with technology and improvement resources.  The EOIPA is not a clinic and does not practice medicine.  We leave that to our physicians.

So, how we can help?

Provider Independence:

  • Credentialing
  • Practice Management Support
  • Marketing


  1. To develop an ongoing strategic plan.
  2. To help private practice stay independent and viable.
  3. EOIPA to stay financially solvent.
  4. Encourage a cohesive medical community.
  5. Maintain collective negotiation ability.
  6. Encourage a robust and involved membership.
  7. Active partnership with managed care organization.
  8. Enhance or encourage continuing training and education.
  9. Physician Recruiting.